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West Virginia secretary of state revises view: 2020 election ‘was stolen and we should not rest easy’ | Trib 247 | trib247.com

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West Virginia secretary of state revises view: 2020 election ‘was stolen and we should not rest easy’
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by WorldTribune Staff, May 10, 2023

The secretary of state of West Virginia announced that, after reviewing the evidence, he has concluded that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

Mac Warner said that over the past two years he has reviewed investigations and evidence that proves “That election was thrown, it was stolen, and we should not rest easy.”

Warner, who runs elections in West Virginia, made the revelation on Talk Radio WRNR in the state’s Eastern Panhandle.

In a May 8 op-ed on substack.com, Capt. Seth Keshel said Warner needs to be called back to explain why he believes the election was “thrown.”

“Now that is an accusation – to accuse members of your own party of throwing the election. Stealing comes from the other side but throwing comes from your own side. We need to get Mac Warner in front of a microphone again to have him elaborate on his statement, which I’m surprised has been glossed over by so many thus far,” Keshel wrote.

“Among the six contested states in 2020, there was a false sense of security surrounding the likelihood of elections being overturned because in five of them (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona), Republicans held the legislative majorities,” Keshel wrote.

“By rushing to certify the fraudulent election returns and relaying that Trump supporters should pin their hopes on a corrupted judiciary, they did indeed throw the 2020 election and abdicate their legislative responsibilities to ensure the conduct of our elections was on the up and up. In other words, they were in on it, just as much as Joe Biden’s non-campaigning, basement dwelling team was in on it.”

Republicans in elected office “will go as far to blame anomalies and irregularities, saying we should tighten up various procedures that facilitate the potential for fraud while not being so direct as to say a state or seat should have been carried by the other candidate in the 2020 election, or either midterm surrounding it,” Keshel noted. “That is the election fraud safe space, a purgatory residing somewhere between safest and most secure election of all time and what the media would describe as full-blown election denialism (more accurately described as fraud affirmation).”

Keshel pointed to Arizona GOP candidate for governor Kari Lake as “one of the best when it comes to popularizing fraud affirmation.”

“An example:

“CNN reporter: Hi Kari, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

“Normally pumpkin, which reminds me of autumn, when our elections are stolen.”

Keshel continued: “Few have that much boldness, to turn a simple icebreaker into a haymaker of election truthism. In the case of Mac Warner, it isn’t exactly a politically risky proposition to side with what is certainly at least three-quarters of West Virginians who believe the election of 2020 was fraudulent, and that Trump should be in the White House today. After all, the non-college white voter base that delivered the state’s electoral votes to Bill Clinton twice, and even once defied Ronald Reagan, has shifted so violently away from Democrats that even Mitt Romney carried every single county there.”


About time – we have been saying it since election night.


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