Using computers is supposed to speed up the process (to cheating) for a number count. The 2020 election continues to be historic since we have “confucius” involved.

Who cheated – WHO?

Computers are supposed to be fast counting – joke of the 20th century. Almost three years since the election and AZ and other states are still counting votes.

People count faster than a “fixed” computer.

Go back to PAPER BALLOTS. It’s the programers who write the programs not the machines who cheat.

ELECTION INTEGRITYHistoric Recount Of ’20 Presidential Election Releases BOMBSHELL Results

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ICYMI| One of the main reasons I do not trust the results of our recent elections is the vigor with which the establishment tells us that questioning the results of said elections is forbidden.

Add that to the fact that the majority of Americans are well aware that Biden’s mental state is … lacking. Then add in the fact that the vast majority of Americans are WAY worse off than they were under Trump and you start to see a pretty clear picture.

How about the idea that Biden got more votes that Barack Obama, who we may hate, regardless, the left holds him up as if he is a God. You’re trying to tell me that Mr. Gaffe himself got more votes than the Democrat’s GOAT? CTFO, that is absurd.

Luckily one jurisdiction had the good sense to figure things out the old fashioned way … count the damn ballots.

Nick Mastrangelo, writing for The Gateway Pundit reported:

This week, The Gateway Pundit’s Nick Mastrangelo attended the Lycoming County, Pennsylvania recount of the nearly 60,000 ballots cast in the 2020 Presidential Election. The recount was done by hand and was completed in 2.5 days. Given that the initial allocation of time for this recount was 3 weeks, the recount greatly outperformed expectations- clobbering any narrative that insists, “hand counting is too slow.”

Attorney Karen DiSalvo and Jeff Stroehmann, among other conservative names in Lycoming County, have committed many hours to this important endeavor. This recount can be described as “just one piece of the puzzle.” It did not include an analysis of the tally sheets put out by the voting machines, among other key vehicles for voting (such as mail-in ballots.)

Forrest Lehman, Lycoming County Director of Elections, had a direct hand in not turning over these tally sheets. A right-to-know request has been filed by Attorney DiSalvo.

A right-to-know request has been filed by Attorney Karen DiSalvo.

There was an initial feeling of indifference towards conducting a recount from Lycoming County Commissioner Tony Mussare. He had confidence in the security of the 2020 Election in Lycoming County and a recount of this nature was not likely to turn up any significant issues of fraud or inconsistencies. Furthermore hesitation came from the prospect of conducting such a recount might put republicans/conservatives in the light of “being a sore loser” or “trying to overturn an election.”

Commissioner Mussare ultimately agreed to the recount saying, “It was what our constituents wanted, and I am a representative of our constituents.”

He then described the statewide issues that came out of the 2020 Presidential Election in PA including the counting of mail-in ballots after the date of the election went directly against Pennsylvania State Law.

The recount itself, and the pace at which it was completed, were huge victories in the battle for restoring and maintaining a high degree of bi-partisan confidence in our elections.

There will be a “findings discussion” held by Lycoming County Director of Elections Forrest Lehman on Tuesday, January 24th.


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