Former President Trumps AG Barr – also called Judas Iscariot. ANOTHER ONE OF THE PEOPLE who betrayed Trump. Mark 3:19. a person treacherous enough to betray a friend; traitor. President tried to bring into his cabinet from Democrats and Republicans – but, it did not work.

Barr accepted the AG position for Trump strictly to help derail Trump since he was a Bushy II man. During his time in the Trump organization – Barr did nothing to help but sat silently while the Democrats were pulling the Russia/Russia, et al, stunts to cause chaos in the Trump presidency and still continues to help the Democrat Socialists/Biden.


Barr continues to try to stay relevant in the Democrat/Pelosi’s black/brown revolution/Jan6.

Donald Trump stunned the political world in 2016 when he became the first person without government or military experience ever to be elected president of the United States. His four-year tenure in the White House revealed extraordinary fissures in American society but left little doubt that he is a figure unlike any other in the nation’s history.

Trump, the New York businessman and former reality TV show star, won the 2016 election after a campaign that defied norms and commanded public attention from the moment it began. His approach to governing was equally unconventional.

Other presidents tried to unify the nation after turning from the campaign trail to the White House. From his first days in Washington to his last, Trump seemed to revel in the political fight. He used his presidential megaphone to criticize a long list of perceived adversaries, from the news media to members of his own administration, elected officials in both political parties and foreign heads of state. The more than 26,000 tweets he sent as president provided an unvarnished, real-time account of his thinking on a broad spectrum of issues and eventually proved so provocative that Twitter permanently banned him from its platform. In his final days in office, Trump became the first president ever to be impeached twice – the second time for inciting an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol during the certification of the election he lost – and the nation’s first chief executive in more than 150 years to refuse to attend his successor’s inauguration.

Trump’s policy record included major changes at home and abroad. He achieved a string of long-sought conservative victories domestically, including the biggest corporate tax cuts on record, the elimination of scores of environmental regulations and a reshaping of the federal judiciary. In the international arena, he imposed tough new immigration restrictions, withdrew from several multilateral agreements, forged closer ties with Israel and launched a tit-for-tat trade dispute with China as part of a wider effort to address what he saw as glaring imbalances in America’s economic relationship with other countries.


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Presidnt Trump snaps at ‘weak and slovenly’ Bill Barr after former AG warns he’ll deliver ‘chaos’ upon return

Story by Tom Boggioni • Yesterday 7:06 AM

Donald Trump
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Donald Trump was very busy on his Truth Social account just after Friday midnight and unleashed a bitter attack on Bill Barr in retaliation for the former attorney general questioning whether he is “fit” to be president again.

In an interview with Fox’s Geraldo Rivera, Barr stated, “If you believe in his policies, what he’s advertising as his policies, he’s the last person who could actually execute them and achieve them.”

“He does not have the discipline. He does not have the ability for strategic thinking and linear thinking or setting priorities, or how to get things done in the system,” he then added. “It’s a horror show when he’s left to his own devices.”

That apparently led to the former president returning fire in two Truth Social posts.

“Bill Barr was a weak & slovenly man who was ill equipped to be Attorney General because he was literally in fear of the Radical Left Democrats & all they were threatening to do to him,” the former president wrote. “He did fine with the Russia, Russia, Russia, Hoax, but it should have been gotten rid of, as a made up Democrat Con Job, much faster. Remember, he had the Hunter Biden Laptop! The time and money wasted on this charade was incalculable, and without me being on the other end of this plot, there was great danger…”

He then added, “Barr was most afraid of anything having to do with the Rigged Election, because he knew that it was this subject, more than any other, that the Democrats did not want to even think about. They got away with ‘murder,’ so no more discussions with the possibility of getting caught. They wanted it OVER! I got very tough with Bill Barr, and pushed him hard to do his job, but he just couldn’t overcome his fear of the Radical Left – He was useless. I ‘nicely’ fired him. He is now a soundbite!”

Following Trump’s Barr tirade he lashed out at special counsel Jack Smith and ominously warned, “It is a dangerous time in America!!!”


The Deep State which Barr is probably a member are still working against Trump because of his love of the country/people. People like Barr work for their own pocket book not the people as witnessed by Barr’s betrayal.




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