KOMMONSENTSJANE – Centuries of A Shameful Agenda


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Haven’t we put up with this long enough?


A Coherent Observation

“From the beginning, the Democratic Party has always been the party of segregation.” Dr. Carol Swain, 1776 Project & Distinguished Senior Fellow for The Texas Public Policy Fountain.

“If they don’t vote for me!!”

If one studies and researches American History, especially those who favor the Democratic Party’s history, will be enlightened to find that it’s their party that has subscribed to the philosophy and agenda of systemic racism and oppression dating back to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. From the nanosecond that the representatives of Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, lead by Edward Rutledge(SC), signed that incredible declaration after pushing Thomas Jefferson to scratch out the slavery clause or they would vote against it. So, that “particular institution” was on the brink, although it took “four score & seven years ago (87)” to have President Abraham Lincoln, through an Executive Order…The Emancipation Proclamation…to order the ending…

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