KOMMONSENTSJANE – Biden’s re-election ad: “Let’s finish the job!” … of destroying this country

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This old grey mare’s cue cards – let’s finish the job of destroying this country – is right on target – after what he has put the country/Trump through.

The future has not been bright with his last fake election.  And the country’s future will certainly not be bright with what is he has in store for us.

There are three most common scenarios the country will be facing now as we have witnessed each day in the past –  and which we will face such as – sudden severe illness or injury, further decline in condition that causes quality of life to suffer, more temperament problems that can cause a horse to become dangerous.

We don’t need a liability – we need STABILITY.  During President Trumps time in office – the instability was caused by the Democrats and that still needs to be a corrected.

The Biden horse needs to be put in the pasture and stop allowing the Democrats to keep make a fool of him.  The Democrats have done enough damage.  It is time to put in the Republican team who have the experience and know what damage has been done and will put us back on the road to the Constitution.


The Spring Magazine

By Monica Chen

Give the Biden administration – let’s say “credit” — for being this slick and confident about all the lies they spew. This is peak Fascism, Fascism at its most mature.

Three main observations about President Joe Biden’s first campaign ad for re-election:

1. Biden has co-opted Trump’s message to a certain extent. Has he done that successfully though? Probably not.

2. The crucial part of this ad is Jan. 6. Without it, everything else falls apart.

3. “Obama’s VP Joe Biden” for 2020 has turned into “working class hero Joe Biden” for 2024. Yes, both in quotation marks.

Here’s my analysis. A humorous take (with some emojis):

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