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That Which Comes to Us -versus- That Which Comes Through Us-
Feb 17, 2022


Reblogged on kommonsentsjane /blogkommonsents.



Little ones live in the world of imagination
and everything they do is innately creative.

Why did we forget we have it too?

A friend wrote this morning on his blog about our “The Creative Unknown” and it really struck a chord in my thoughts and heart. So many times, I have tried to figure out where an interesting idea or notion that pops up in my mind has come from. As a family, it is not unusual for us to be sitting around chatting and all of a sudden, we come up with the most amazing ideas of things to create. These ideas seem to generate from a collective energy that has engulfed the room and we feed off each other. It is so much fun and this moment of creativity and brainstorming is never planned, it just erupts from our individual vivaciousness and personalities. I kind of categorize this creative expression as that which “Comes to Us”! It is the kind of creativity that a thought passes through our mind and calls us to think about it and mull it over in our minds. Sometimes we even share it in our conversations with others to get feedback and validation that what we are thinking has possibilities. Sometimes we follow through and move forward and act on our brainstorm. Sometimes the thoughts that stirred our imagination just pass through us and disappear into the ethers. These thoughts I feel come to us in our conscious mind and are influenced by our environment and life experiences. It is more like “Necessity is the invention of creativity”. We receive inspiration because there is a need to be filled. It is more earthly bound and creates an opening for something on a physical plane.

Then there is there is an energy of inspiration and creative expression that comes through us from the unknown source or for some of us that know that connection, we know that “Great Spirit “is moving through us to create something that has a spiritual vibration. It is the painting that speaks to the vision of an artist. It is the tones of an instrument that collects and arranges musical melodies that make a song that touches the heart and soul of those that create it, plays it, or sings it, and the soul that receives it. It is the words of the heart that are poured out from the depths of one’s soul to speak imagination or a message of love from the Divine. It is an eternal expression of the Divine that is so surreal that you cannot begin to verbalize what has happened or why you have been chosen to express “Great Spirit’s love”. It is such a moving experience to have that kind of energy weld up in your body and spirit. When that urge to express something that comes through you, it feels like you are in a sort of subconscious state of being, because you are not driving the creative energy, it is unveiling the beauty, grace, and substance of the creation through you. At that moment you are one with the Creator that resides in your soul expressing itself. It is the “Gift”. The “Gift” that you must share because it has purpose. It goes beyond physical manifestation. It vibrates at a level that touches the heavens and reverberates across the planet.

We are all capable of this kind of expression and I think we all do experience it but sometimes I think we don’t know the depth and breadth of how and what Great Spirit can move in us, so we take things for granted or don’t recognize that what we have created is special and was given to us by divine design. We cannot tap into this space if we do not allow ourselves to first believe we have this communion with Great Spirit, and if we don’t create the time and space to engage in that communion! We must be still! We must entrust ourselves with this continuingly unfolding expression and rejoice in what we have to give. Seek to discover that gift that was embedded in you from before your birth. Once you have re-discovered it-use it! Enjoy it! Share it. And never stop looking for the “more of it”! Our spirits our boundless!


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