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Time changes everything – even love for your own country.

https://jasoninstitute.com/the-first-climate-war-insight-into-the-war-in-darfur/ War still edges out climate change as the current greatest cause of starvation. It’s an ouroboros (snake eating itself, i.e. vicious cycle) wherein the more devastated a landscape becomes and the less food it can produce, the more people fight over it. Which leads to more conflict, etc. It is important to note that […]

Climate Wars — denelecampbell

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We have all of these organizations who are suppose to be on top of these problems – starting with the United Nations, ETC., What do they have to say about all of the money they receive, plus all of the other organizations – is the corruption over whelming like D.C.? Time to have a “come to Jesus” moment! Don’t ask for more money – account for what you are receiving.

Why do countries continue to perpetuate war? Why isn’t the United Nations helping these countries? A good example is Ukraine/Russia. Why does Russia need more land to attach to their already large country and the fact they continue not allowing people to have freedom? Why is one person allowed to dictate to the whole body of people?

It is not the people – it is the greedy people in charge who are causing the problem.

What is being done for the poor countries by the U.N.? Are they trying to educate the people or do they want to keep them in a cave?

Climate change is to control people. It is buffoonery.


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