MENTAL FLOSS: “He was born crying, lived complaining, and will he die disappointed?”. You know all too well what this means. “Gluttony kills more than the sword.” Problem – is he was given too much which he didn’t deserve or earn and now he gives nothing in return but hate.

Green should not only be ejected from this game but at least five games. Then he should have to ATTEND A CIVILITY CLASS.

Evil exists. There are even psychological mechanisms that allow people to hurt others, including moral justification and the displacement of responsibility. In fact, some people even take pleasure in inflicting harm on others.

5 Psychological Mechanisms that Allow People to Hurt Others
The psychological mechanisms that allow people to hurt others are sophisticated strategies. They’re the building blocks of evil, and reflect a mind focused solely on obtaining its own benefits, regardless of the harm it can cost others. As incredible and incomprehensible as it may seem, some even take pleasure in this type of behavior.

Evil exists. It’s often said that the smarter a person is, the more twisted their behavior can become when it comes to hurting and manipulating others. Whether we’re reading about them in the news or we’re victims of them ourselves, the lengths some people are willing to go to in order to get what they want never cease to surprise.

Human beings are social creatures. As a result, we recognize that we should be more oriented towards cooperation, respect, and harmony in order to ensure collective well-being. In this regard, Albert Bandura, a professor at Stanford University and an expert in social psychology, points out something interesting go to a class on “civility.”


Do these teams have a “Safe Operations Manual” which teaches them on how to respect others and still win? The look of satisfaction on Green’s face after he pressed the flesh of the other player was “frightening” – like a child who had misbehaved and hurt someone deliberately.
When this happens – they need to be made to go to a “SHRINK.” This man has a hate problem.

Morally repugnant.


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