KOMMONSENTSJANE – The New York Sun is saving journalism.- Larry Kudlow.

Larry Kudlow news@daily.thepostmillennial.com
Subject : The New York Sun is saving journalism

I am pleased to share with you that The New York Sun, one of my daily must-read papers, is now the exclusive publisher of my regular columns.

I invite you to consider joining the Sun to receive unlimited access to my latest commentary, alongside some of the finest American journalism.

But there’s also far more to what the Sun is building.

As you know, journalism isn’t what it used to be.

I’ve been in the business for decades, and never before have I seen this once noble profession so abused. The major papers are no longer on the side of the American people, and we are right to withhold our trust.

The impact on our democracy is considerable. Without real accountability, the worst actors in government and at corporate institutions have free reign, and patriotic, hard-working Americans are being sidelined and ignored.

The antidote is to join the movement to build a better alternative. That’s the American way.

The charge to restore American journalism is being led by the Sun. A proudly all-American, principled publication that has plenty of room for conservative thought and conservative writers, the Sun has upheld the highest journalistic standards since 1833. That’s 18 years before the New York Times published its first number.

My decision for the New York Sun to become the exclusive publisher of my regular columns was not taken lightly.

I value their work and have been impressed by their team, but I know they have a hell of a battle ahead. They are the David facing many Goliaths.

They will only succeed if we join with them in this grassroots national effort. Joining the Sun costs as little as $0.01 per day. I encourage you to sign up today. Every single person counts.

Join the Sun Now →
Please join me in the fight to restore America’s journalism.

This is one mission that our country desperately needs.

Larry Kudlow

Columnist for The New York Sun


Thank you Mr. Kudlow. Your words are most inspiring.


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