Obama is America’s UNO #1 enemy – he is the problem in our country – he weaponized the whole Democratic process during his presidency. He is working with the One World Order to bring dictatorship into the U.S. Plain and simple. Any words he speaks are anti-American. He trashed and stole from the people.

Obama caused General Flynn a lot of misery and is un-American – he told us what he was from the start.


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Last week, three Democratic lawmakers in Tennessee participated in an insurrection that led to the shutdown of the state assembly. Representatives Gloria Johnson, Justin Jones, and Justin Pearson stood in the assembly with bullhorns, leading a protest with high schoolers screaming from the rafters. The chaotic scene lasted for an hour, causing Republicans in Tennessee to vote to remove Rep. Pearson and Rep. Justin Jones.

Surprisingly, former President Barack Obama jumped into the fray, but instead of condemning the Democrats’ insurrection, he condemned those who refused to be silenced by such behavior. Obama stated that not allowing an angry leftist mob to shut down the Tennessee assembly showed “weakness and not strength,” which is a blatant disregard for the democratic process and the rule of law.

It is important to note that Obama’s words resonated particularly poorly with retired General Mike Flynn, who knows firsthand what it’s like to be silenced and persecuted by Obama and his deep state lackeys. General Flynn lost his job and savings, was smeared by the mainstream press, and nearly ruined- all based on Barack Obama and his lies.

To be clear, the Tennessee assembly shutdown orchestrated by the three Democratic lawmakers was not an honorable act to be praised, as some in their party may believe. Instead, it was a reckless attempt to subvert the democratic process, and it rightfully resulted in their removal from office. It is crucial that we uphold the rule of law and discourage such destructive behavior in our political system.

General Flynn: How about telling this to the parents of a 9 year old child who’s nearly unrecognizable body was completely riddled with bullets by a transgender psycho likely pumped up on hormone blockers and steroids. You should mind your manners Mr. President. We are sick and tired of your bull$h!t. How about offering condolences to the families who tragically lost loved ones. Have a nice day.


Right on General Flynn. Obama should be in prison with all of the top Democrats.

Obama lies!


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