Biden’s Hush money earned? But how? Arlin Report thought(s) of the day
2h ago


Lets see, Donald Trump has been indicted for paying (hush money) a porn actress (whore) to go away. She didn’t! More attention was to be gained. A New York DA wants to call it wrongful payments with campaign funds. Even the moron attorney who actually made that payment said it wasn’t with campaign funds. But still, here we are, here we go! Another chapter in the book of Get Trump (By the way there is a book out there with that title).

So paying off a porn star is a bigger deal than accepting payments from China? Here is the biggest difference, Trump’s lawyer paid off some one (HUSH)…………BUT the Biden family circus has been accepting/taking in payments from China. No problem?

Paying off this whore with personal funds is some how a greater threat to our nation than Biden getting paid by China for whatever it is China bought. Most notably they (China) bought Joe Biden. Who knows what Biden gave up for the pile of money deposited in the Cathay Bank, in Biden family accounts. FOLLOW THE MONEY!

Cathay Bank: “We’re the oldest operating bank in the U.S. founded by Chinese Americans. As we witnessed our community grow, we as a bank grew alongside them. In 1985, we expanded internationally by establishing our footprint with a representative office in Hong Kong, which was later converted to a branch.”

Once again, Trump’s people paid hush money. Joe Biden and family received hush money. Oh……..right those were Hunter’s earnings for all the work he does!

There is a list of your typical corrupt political figures (and family members) pages long, that we have mentioned before (you know, the Clintons, the Obamas, Bidens……………..etc., etc., etc.) for much more serious offenses and treasonous acts. Yet, Trump gets indicted for paying off a whore. Yeah, that isn’t what you want out of an elected official (any official), but come on man………..there are others out there that have done worse that affects US ALL. Biden is a threat to national security.


This should be an alarm bell for all whores with good bookkeeping and bad for the people who use whores. You can KISS AND DOUBLE CROSS YOUR CUSTOMERS – NOW and make money during the business transaction and get ahead later.

BUYER BEWARE! All of you Democrats who use whores need to be on standby.


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