KOMMONSENTSJANE – If ‘No One Is Above The Law,’ Democrats And Their Partisan Pawns Would Be Arraigned, Not Trump.

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Plain and simple as the nose on your face:

Biden and his Marxists are running a lawless operation and are not using the Constitution and the other two legs of the stool who could do something are sitting on their a$$eS – wondering – WHAT TO DO/WHAT TO DO? AND STILL BE IN THE FRAM WORK OF THE CONSTITUTION.

That is the purpose of the stool; but, they are afraid of the left for some reason. I guess because they have the whole operation weaponized (WOKE).

It is time for the good parts of the stool to take that HAMMER Biden used to cheat and be elected and use it against them. Also, the good two legs left have as much power to make noise as Biden/left Marxists.

What about all of the treason which was sponsored by Biden’s side since 2016 and all of the China money arriving on our shores? If the left can use a black man/whore to bring Trump in – surely a “cock and bull story” about China money can be brought to life?


What Did You Say?


Read more at https://thefederalist.com/2023/03/31/if-no-one-is-above-the-law-democrats-and-their-partisan-pawns-would-be-arraigned-not-trump/

POTUS Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton
If Democrats truly valued rule of law, they would pursue cases against many more people before even considering indicting Trump.

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America’s two-tiered justice system status was solidified on Thursday after a Manhattan grand jury voted to hit former President Donald Trump with a felony indictment and the threat of imprisonment. Cue the chorus of Democrats and corporate media mouthpieces who spent all of Thursday night on Twitter condescendingly warning: “no one is above the law, not even the former president.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the anti-Trump Adams, former Rep.Adam Kinzinger, Rep.Adam Schiff, and evenTrump’s ex-attorney Michael Cohensay Trump- or anyone else- doesn’t just get a free pass because he’s a 2024 presidential candidate. Yet, it doesn’t take an expert to know that the sole reason…

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