Every Single Store Closing This Year (Updated)


Both casual observation and empirical data indicate that neighborhoods with higher crime tend to have less retail, presumably because it makes businesses less profitable and scares customers away. Finally, it’s worth noting that even when the retail stays, crime is bad for the store and the customer.

When vandals can enter a store and pilfer it and nothing is done to these people – it immediately limits the store to make a profit and people are afraid to shop at that store. Until crimes are punished that fact will continue to close stores.


Have you noticed several big stores closing down in your city? Well, this isn’t just happening around your area but around the whole country. Several big stores are about to shut down this year, and many want to know why. Big stores such as Macy’s and JCPenny have been struggling ever since the pandemic, and now that the economy is not looking good, these companies are starting to shut down stores all over the country.

Several big-name stores are now switching to online sales as the internet has taken over everything as everybody started ordering things online due to the pandemic. Some of these big stores have been around forever, so it would be sad to see them go. So if you want to see what big stores are about to shut down this year then stick around.


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