Biggest liar since Hitler



What does Obama have in is hand – phone and what?


Hope the people in Australia don’t believe this liar. Every time he complains he runs off to a foreign country. He doesn’t have the guts to face the people he has screwed.

As usual, Obama/Biden/Rice weaponized the government and caused the present status of a divided country and now he is trying to blame Rupert Murdoch.

What a sorry lot he is. If it wasn’t for Fox and Newsmax we wouldn’t have the truth because the rest of the bozos are nothing but Marxists or Commies liars.


‘Angry and resentful’: Barack Obama calls out Rupert Murdoch for promoting America’s ‘polarization’
Story by Alex Henderson • 11h ago

Although former President Barack Obama has often been critical of Fox News, he hasn’t avoided the right-wing cable news channel altogether. Obama, over the years, has been interviewed by Fox News hosts ranging from Chris Wallace (now with CNN) to Bret Baier to Bill O’Reilly (who Fox News fired in 2017).

Those appearances underscore Obama’s belief that it is important for Democrats to have a dialogue with conservatives, disagreements and all — a belief he shares with President Joe Biden, who has bragged about the productive relationships he had in the past with President Ronald Reagan, Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) and other conservative Republicans.

But when Obama, according to The Guardian, made a late March appearance in Sydney, Australia, he called out Fox News’ Rupert Murdoch as a divisive figure whose business model is designed to “make people angry and resentful.”

Speaking at Sydney’s Aware Super Theater on Tuesday night, March 28, Obama told a crowd of around 9000 people, “Here’s the good news about the U.S., though: We’re not quite as polarized as we seem. Sixty to 65 percent of the country — let’s call it 70 percent — does occupy a reality-based world. And that’s true within the Republicans.”

Obama continued, “There’s one other factor that’s led to this polarization — this is global, this is not unique to the United States — and that is the shifts in the media and the story that is told to people. And there’s a guy you may be familiar with, first name Rupert, who was responsible for a lot of this.”

Murdoch, according to Obama, “perfected” a “broader trend” with “the advent of cable (television), talk radio and then social media.”

Obama told the Australian crowd/AlterNet%20Folder%202023%20(PC)/%E2%80%94), “It’s now a wild west and a splintering of media. And if all you’re doing is — in America, it’s Fox News, here I guess it’s Sky, whatever it is — if all you’re doing is watching one source of news…. we’re going to have our own news and our own perspective…. You no longer have a joint conversation and a shared story…. And if you throw in some good old-fashioned racism and xenophobia and sexism and homophobia…. it’s very difficult to compromise around identity politics.”


The Australian people much not have very good entertainment if they took time to hear Obama lie.

Here is some truth that the media is not reporting.


And don’t forget x-speaker RINO Paul Ryan was Obama’s lap doggie and is a board member of Fox.

Oh, what a web they weave says the spider to the fly!


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