Why doesn’t EQUITY/WOKE FIT IN THE “GENERAL MAKEUP” part of the Discrimination law that is already a law? Are these people unable to read and do not know this?


Discrimination law
The area of practice called discrimination law covers incidents of unequal or unfair treatment based on a person’s age, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, genetic makeup, and other personal characteristics. Specific states can have their own unique discrimination laws.

Royal Patriot

U.S. Intel Head Calls For More “Equity”

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Director of National Intelligence under Joe Biden, Avril Haines, recently appeared before the House Intelligence Committee, saying that the intelligence agency should focus more on “diversity and fairness.”

Although the main topic of discussion was supposed to be global threats to the United States, the panel quickly veered off-topic to discuss the need for diversity quotas in the intelligence community.

Democratic Representative Andre Carson first asked company executives what their companies were doing to increase diversity when it comes to recruiting and maintaining their workforces.

Haines said in response that there is no doubt that we need to do more on diversity, equality, inclusion, and accessibility. She said, “we perceive this as an area where we need to devote more focused resources and efforts,” which would be reflected in future budget requests and recommendations.

She said they’d identified this as a priority because they believe it will provide the greatest return on investment, which will be evident in their requests for funding and their ideas for future work.

Haines continued by saying intelligence organizations need to recruit more individuals from underrepresented groups since the number of persons now employed is not representative of the overall population.

Maybe sensing that Haines was rambling on a matter that isn’t of global significance, Representative Mike Turner cut her off and essentially pushed her to stop blathering.

President Trump has promised to dispose of rubbish like this if re-elected, and he has made it quite plain that he means what he says.

The Biden administration is eager to demonstrate its commitment to diversity by emphasizing hiring LGBTQ+ individuals; nevertheless, some have questioned the actual competence of many of these hires.

Hence, you may have observed that Biden administration officials have been issuing awards for women’s accomplishments to biological males.

In today’s cancel culture, no one has been more canceled than the biological woman.


Too many folks claiming to be victims instead of plowing their own field. Anyone can claim victim-hood and become one of the mob. Be special – take responsibility for your own future.


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