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Youtube/Paying hush money to someone you had sex with seems very gross. But what makes this illegal? Like, why would the Manhattan D.A. be able to investigate this in the first place?

Is this DA trying to retry this case again – isn’t this just more extortion – the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force?

Isn’t this case an illegal use of one’s position or power to obtain funds – or isn’t that just more extortion or robbery by DEMOCRAT DOCOITS

Democrats been slinging this mud since 2016 trying to “get President Trump.” They don’t realize President Trump helped our country and now Obama/Susan Rice/Biden/Democrat rats are tearing it up.

Wake up all of you folks – just like the CA crypto bank heist was just another one of those tricks. Next, it will be your money they will be taking.


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‘Sunday Night in America’ host Trey Gowdy sounds the alarm on the dangerous impact of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg politicizing justice through his case against former President Donald Trump. #foxnews#fox#gowdy#sundaynightinamerica

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