KOMMONSENTSJANE – Elon Musk: Jan. 6 prosecutions ‘legally and morally’ wrong | WND

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Now reflecting on the Jan6 Committee:

It is now time since they lied to the public, they withheld the real evidence for partisan political reasons and they sent people to prison for crimes they DID NOT commit with their Jan6 kangaroo court.

Now – this Jan6 kangaroo court are the  ones who need to go to prison and that would not wrong, illegal or immoral.



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Elon Musk (Video screenshot)

Twitter owner Elon Musk, who has faced serious headwinds from America’s Democrats and other leftists for his efforts to build up the site as a platform for free speech, on Tuesday landed hard on those in Washington, leftists and Democrats, who pursued extreme charges against those caught up in the Jan. 6, 2021, events at the U.S. Capitol.

Some people rioted there, and vandalized the building.

But others were allowed into the building by security officers, and essentially acted like tourists, taking selfies and such.

That’s confirmed in a series of video clips Tucker Carlson obtained, with the help of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, from Capitol security cameras.

His staff is reviewing some 40,000 hours of those films, and with the first release on Monday, Carlson confirmed that Democrats and others portraying the events as an “insurrection” had lied to America.

The Washington Examiner said Musk…

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