KOMMONSENTSJANE – Jim Jordan: Was Fauci “So Consumed” With Countering Lab Leak Narrative Because He Paid For The Lab? | RealClearPolitics Videos

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Fauci has been using his magic mirror trying to deflect “his baby” (the covid) the whole time – it was very obvious from day one that Fauci was the NUT inside the COVID SHELL. That is why he spent so much time on TV every day romping on/in the media’s play grounds.

Now the shell has been cracked and this nut has been exposed.

Time for judgement day.  He has committed genocide.


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Rep. Jim Jordan, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, told FNC’s Maria Bartiromo on Sunday morning that

REP. JIM JORDAN: Well, first, on the COVID issue, understand that on January 31, 10:32 p.m., 2020, so right at the get-go, Dr. Fauci gets an e-mail from Dr. Kristian Andersen which says virus looks engineered, virus not consistent with evolutionary theory. The next day, he gets another e-mail from Dr. Garry. Now, these are doctors he’s handed out our tax dollars to over the years. Dr. Garry’s e-mail says: I don’t know how this happens in nature. It would be easy to do in a lab. That same day, February 1, 2020, so, again, right at the start, that same day, Dr. Fauci organizes a conference call. Him and Dr. Collins get on there with Dr. Garry and Dr. Andersen and all these other virologists. They get on there. And, three…

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