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That might satisfy them until they spend it.

No – the blacks who were slaves are not alive. The current blacks in current time have/are on the gravy train right now – they have been pushed/pulled through life by the Democrats while trying to make white people out of them. Time to allow them to learn from their mistakes by “growing” into their own culture while helping them. The Democrats throw them into the pit of life without the proper training and then they become frustrated as we can see – look at the government right now and the educational system. Can’t read or write or do math.

Time to put in new tracks of learning for the trains we travel on in life.

The Democrats are pushing/pulling and running the train too fast for them and it is not working. They are still not happy.

If anyone should received reparations – it should be the American Indians.


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If anyone should pay reparations to black Americans for the injustices of slavery, it should be the institutions that preserved slavery’slegacy.

If Anybody Should Pay Reparations For Slavery, It’s The Democrat Party — Conservative Review

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