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Why Spring Is the Season of Hope
Hope springs eternal.

Spring and hope are intertwined in the mind, body, and soul. In spring, nature conspires with biology and psychology to spark the basic needs that underlie hope: attachment, mastery, survival, and spirituality. It is true that hope does not melt away in the summer; it is not rendered fallow in autumn nor does it perish in the deep freeze of winter. But none of these other seasons can match the bounty of hope that greets us in the spring.

My reflections on hope and the spring season are cast in terms of metaphors.


The left keeps talking about reparations for the blacks? Why? If any reparations are given, it must be to the American Indian. They owned this land and they were put on reservations.

Where is equity for the American Indian?

Pelosi/corporations (media/ads) under her guidance committed a black/brown coup against WE THE PEOPLE/President Trump on Jan6 by installing Biden as a fake President and further installed a fake government who are not qualified to run anything as we can see. If they don’t believe it – tell them to roll back the cameras to the day after Jan6 and check out all of the ads.

Is that the next step for Biden which is to put the white people on reservations and take their money and land? Seems like this is a democrat plan.

As the black preacher stated the DEMOCRATS can only run one way – which is the gutter. Look at all of the blue states – especially, CA/OR/WA states whose homeless population are being paid to be homeless. For what reason.

Who is behind all of this carnage – is it Obama/Biden/Susan Rice?

If so, it is time for the Congress to take charge of the purse. If the Congress continues to allow Biden to spend our money, foolishly, then they are not doing their job.


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