KOMMONSENTSJANE – The American response to the Great Reset.

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This is one fight we must win – Soros/Schwab are still trying to win WWII. They do not give a damn about the citizens – they/Democrats/Biden/Obama want our money and make us slaves to them.


Fellow Patriots

This is one of my biggest fights yet.

Turning Point USA is LEADING THE CHARGE against the World Economic Forum and its radical Great Reset agenda — and I want to make sure America-loving patriots like YOU know how you can help STOP this dangerous scheme.

I wrote a new book, The American Response to the Great Reset, for YOU, and I want to send it to you RIGHT NOW.

Please claim YOUR COPY of The American Response to the Great Reset. All I’m asking for in an exchange is a gift of ANY AMOUNT (even just five dollars!) to help Turning Point USA cover the shipping.

Get your book now
I know what it takes to FIGHT and WIN against Leftist “Elites” who hate our country, our freedom, and everything that makes America great.

I’ve dedicated my life to inspiring MILLIONS of young people to love America again and to WIN the American Culture War.

Now Turning Point USA and I are taking on the secretive World Economic Forum (WEF) and their dangerous GREAT RESET agenda … and I want to reach as many Americans AS POSSIBLE with our important plan to DEFEAT the Great Reset.

Because this fight is so important, I am GIVING AWAY my new book, The American Response to the Great Reset, for a gift of ANY AMOUNT to Turning Point USA. Please make your gift and claim your book right now.

Get your book now
Whether you’ve heard of the WEF’s Great Reset agenda before, or you’re just learning of it now … you must read this book.

If you’re trying to understand the MASSIVE challenges in America today, from skyrocketing inflation to wide-open national borders to medical tyranny … you must read this book.

If you want to make a difference and preserve FREEDOM, PROSPERITY, and AMERICAN GREATNESS for your kids and your grandkids … you must read this book.

And I want to send you a copy of The American Response to the Great Reset RIGHT AWAY. Please claim your book right now with a gift to Turning Point USA of ANY AMOUNT, even just five dollars.

Thank you for helping Turning Point USA expose and DEFEAT the Great Reset agenda.

For America,

Charlie Kirk

Founder & CEO

Turning Point USA


Time to vote in nothing but Republicans and check to be sure they aren’t RINO’s.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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