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Biden seemed to have a hard time in Poland. He tripped going down the stairs upon arrival and climbing back up the stairs on Air Force One when leaving. And, he walked off the red carpet during the review of the troops in Poland with President Duda and one of the secret service (assuming) had to direct him back on the carpet.

Do they need to put a leash on Biden?


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Joe Biden lost it in Poland. Since bamboozling his way into the White House he’s been destroying America’s reputation one step at a time.

Biden is not only incompetent and corrupt, he is failing.

We saw this again this past week in Poland. Biden couldn’t even make it up the stairs again.

Here was Biden in Poland after his trip to that region of the world as he was attempting to show the world America’s strength and power. The senile old man is reading his notes that are leading the US and the world into World War III and then he couldn’t even make it up a small set of stairs into Airforce One to fly home.

This incident destroyed his entire trip. It showed weakness. It was embarrassing. His whole gang knows it. It was a disgrace.


It turns out that this wasn’t Biden’s only weak moment. When…

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