KOMMONSENTSJANE – The Deep State: 1967 Recording Reveals All

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Why are the Rothschild family even in the picture? The One World Order are not elected officials – so why are they even in the picture. Tell Europe to set up their own buffet and show. We are tired of propping them up and then they stabbed us in the back with the Russia Russia/Trump and now trying to GET US TO pay for the Ukraine war.

Problem –  is Europe is running out of cash and now want to dump their bills on the U.S.?  WWII was won and the soldiers winning helped the allies to keep Europe from ending up in the hands of the Nazis and having to speak German.  But, those days are over and they have forgotten that and now are trying to crap on the U.S. That’s a friend for you!  They are part of the One World Order unelected folks.

We won’t forget what they did to our country and President Trump.

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