KOMMONSENTSJANE – Shadow President Susan Rice, Plus Clinton’s Coverup, Vivek’s Run, and the Global World Order – JD Rucker


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Time for her to be exposed – she is not an elected official – she was hired off the street in secret.



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Today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show picks apart the rising prominence of Barack Obama’s hand-picked “shadow president,” Susan Rice. We will also cover the latest ludicrous explanation for another victim of the Clinton Crime Family, fighting back against obtuse wokeness, Vivek Ramaswamy’s big announcement, and a former UK PM warning of the “New Global World Order.”

Matt Walsh hits LGBTQIA+ supremacists where it hurts the most. Tim Pool explains why he’d vote for Trump over DeSantis. A military member warns about the jabs after two heart attacks.

Source: Shadow President Susan Rice, Plus Clinton’s Coverup, Vivek’s Run, and the Global World Order – JD Rucker

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