Parents – question your children about what they are being told at school. There are a lot of perverts in our midst.



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CBS Saturday Morning Spreads Misinformation On Education In Florida



ByErica Carlin

Published6 hours ago

The liberal media and their woke agenda are corrupting the minds of our children by trying to push their partisan agendas on them.

Recently, CBS Saturday Morning spread false information about education in Florida when correspondent Cristian Benavides showed a photo from a substitute teacher that was fired for spreading misinformation and claimed that “classrooms and school libraries look like this”.

He then interviewed teacher Andrea Phillips, who was there to provide anti-Gov. Ron DeSantis’s emotion, “Without a diverse variety of books that represent my students, I can’t get them interested in books”.

What he left out was the statement from the district that said the individual had violated the social media and cell phone policies of his employer which led to his firing.

Benavides then referenced the law’s actual contents, “Under Florida’s HB1467 law, beginning this year school books have to be reviewed by a media specialist to ensure they’re free of pornography or certain race-based teachings from kindergarten to third grade, the books must be free of instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity.”

This raises questions about whether Phillips was fearmongering earlier in the segment or providing inappropriate reading material for 8-year-olds.

But Benavides wasn’t interested in that; instead, he cited a sixth grader who “fears one of his favorite books may be banned from the classroom” due to it having “a boy who likes a boy”.

CBS then showed an image of some Roald Dahl books while Puffin has taken it upon themselves to remove words like “fat” and “boys and girls” as well as adding passages he never wrote to fit their political agenda – further proving how far liberals will go with pushing their agendas onto kids without any regard for what it does to them mentally or emotionally.


CBS Shows Photos From Fired Teacher, ‘School Libraries Look Like This’ | MRCTV

At the end of the segment, Michelle Miller asked where will it stop? Dana Jacobson agreed to say “who’s making those decisions?”

The answer is simple: It will stop when liberals stop trying so desperately hard to control every aspect of our lives with their dangerous ideologies – particularly those that involve children!


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