Shame! Shame! McConnell is a RINO and has a Chinese connection which is not good.

First and foremost remember that no person on Earth is more important than your well-being. If someone has left you, accept it. …the RINO SPEAKS – after all – relatives/mone4y are more important


McConnell Undercuts McCarthy Helps Biden

February 15, 2023

You may remember the big lie told by President Biden during his STate of the Union speech.
Biden said that Republicans wanted to cut social security and Medicaid.

The claim brought boos from Republicans who had already said cuts were off the table.
Now Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is aiding Biden in the lie.

You may remember the American Rescue Plan that former President Trump and Republicans were trying to pass.

Last year, Senator Rick Scott (who challenged McConnell for leadership this term) proposed the plan again.

To be clear, this Congress Scott did not introduce the bill and was letting the Republicans in the House negotiate.

Then after the SOTU McConnell comes out to give Biden’s lie an assist.

“The Republican plan — as I pointed out last fall — if we were to become the majority, there are no plans to raise taxes on half the American people or to sunset Medicare or Social Security,” McConnell said in a radio interview. “So, it’s clearly the Rick Scott plan, it is not the Republican plan, and that’s the view of the Speaker of the House as well,”

Here’s the thing, that’s not the plan. McConnell is just attacking his rival and helping Joe Biden.

A fine example of what McConnell and Biden are doing is in a recent report on NPR.

NPR wrote:

McCarthy said cuts to the programs are “off the table.” But Republicans also largely refuse to look at cuts to defense spending. And balancing the budget – and tackling a ballooning federal debt – can’t be done by cutting discretionary spending alone.

A plan put forward by Sen. Rick Scott of Florida, who headed the committee in charge of electing Republicans to the Senate, called for sunsetting all federal programs every five years.

Note what they did here.

They use McCarthy’s quotes but then they manipulate Scott’s plan – that has never been submitted to Congress – from a year ago to undercut the GOP House majority.

Oh, and guess whose quote followed…that’s right…McConnell’s.

McConnell is undercutting the House GOP to help Joe and attack Scott for daring to challenge his leadership.


The problem is – McConnell/Biden – both have a Chinese connection.


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