Time to go “Easter egg missile hunting.” Surely, the pilot has photos and specific area it went off to try to locate it. Or, is that too much trouble?



Now We Have A Missing Missile

February 14, 2023

When the first spy balloon was seen over the USA the Biden administration didn’t shoot it down until after it traversed the continental United States.
It was seen as a moment of weakness and humiliation that Biden would allow the balloon to collect information for as long as he did.
In the days that followed, three more “objects” were immediately shot down by the military. Despite the Biden Administration’s best efforts to float an alien invasion/definitely not China, it’s been reported all objects were some sort of spy balloons.
According to a memo issued by the Pentagon to Congressional members, there was a bit of an accident when an F-16 went to shoot one of these balloons down.
From Fox News:
The American military shot down a “small, metallic balloon” over Canada on Saturday, the Pentagon wrote in a memo to lawmakers Monday — offering one of the first descriptions of one of the three mystery objects downed over consecutive days.
The memo said the balloon, previously described as a “cylindrical object,” crossed near “US sensitive sites” before it was shot and “subsequently slowly descended” into Canadian waters off the Yukon territory, CNN reported.
When the F-16 went to shoot down the balloon, it fired an AIM-9x sidewinder missile; however, it missed.
“The first Sidewinder heat-seeking missile missed the target,” a US official told Fox News.
They don’t know where it went.

A couple of questions…
The three other balloons were much smaller than the first, is using a missle the best way to deal with these small objects? Oh and where the hell did the missile go? Did it hit a poor guy’s barn? Did it land in Lake Huron? Or did it explode after it missed?

Professor of practice and co-chair of the Global Politics and Security program at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, Jodi Vittori told Newsweek that the sidewinder is the best munitions choice for the job:
“It’s made to be used within visual range, so it’s well-designed to have a pilot get up close to the balloon, visually observe and confirm what it is, fire at it at relatively close range, and stay close to confirm that the balloon was hit.”


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