A Princeton study reports “We the People” have no influence on government policy.  LOL, really, it didn’t take a study from an Ivy League university to determine that.   The study does confirm what we should have already known. Does that mean your vote means nothing when electing government office holders?  Yes, when “We the People” aren’t […]

U.S. GOV. – YOU ARE INSIGNIFICANT — ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together

As we all know now what a college degree is worth since they are given without effort – it is now called a PUSH/PULL UP THE LADDER. Businesses now have to give an IQ TEST to see if applicants are qualified to fill a position. A good example of that test probably is:

Identify any jackasses in the following photos.

And, that my dears – is the nature of the beasty world we live in. As stated by these graduates – you don’t need to know anything to hold a position anymore – just show up.

How did we get this far and not recognize what they were doing to our children?


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