KOMMONSENTSJANE – “China Knows Exactly What the Deal is With Us” – Biden When Asked if His Handling of China Spy Balloon Was a “Dereliction of Duty” (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit

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We must follow God’s law not Obama/Biden’s fake news.  Remember Obama is a Muslim and follows the Koran.  Remember Biden stated – he wished they taught Obama’s religion in our schools.


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Did Biden just say the quiet part out loud?

Joe Biden on Wednesday sat down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with PBS special correspondent Judy Woodruff.

This is Joe Biden’s first interview in MONTHS.

Joe Biden wasaskedabout his classified documents scandal.

“You said just possessing classified documents is ‘totally irresponsible’? So, what was totally irresponsible about the fact that you had some?” Woodruff asked Biden.

“They’ve informed me not to speak to this issue,” Biden said.

Woodruff also asked Joe Biden about the China spy balloon that he allowed to traverse across the continental United States.

A China spy balloon floated across US airspace for 7 days straight with Joe Biden’s full approval.

The high-altitude surveillance balloon was spotted over the Aleutian Islands two Saturdays ago.

Biden initially refused to shoot down the balloon and allowed it to soar over military installations and nuclear silos.

The Pentagon finally…

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