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When will the law of averages catch up with the Biden’s?

The principle that supposes most future events are likely to balance any past deviation from a presumed average:

“The law of averages suggests it is the citizen’s turn to beat their neighbors – the Biden’s.”



Law of Markets

I have been following along the depraved story of the American President’s son which has all been conveniently brought together on Powerline:

Hunter Biden: More Depraved Than You Knew

This is worse than Caligula but is made even worse because the Democrats and the public in general do not seem to care. There are no moral standard in evidence anywhere, not even a sense of shame. How is it possible that virtually the entire US media is on board with this and does all it can do to cover for the Bidens, father and son.

There is no longer any evidence of a public morality. Where we go from here is hard to say but the cost will be stupendous and cannot be avoided.

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