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So, what is the next step in this treason?


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How the CIA Engineered the “Russian Collusion” Coup d’État to Remove Donald Trump from the Presidency

Guest post by Jerome R. Corsi

As the FBI is forced to disclose additional documents on their “Crossfire Hurricane” counterintelligence investigation, the Hillary Clinton “Russian Collusion” disinformation campaign is collapsing, making it clear the CIA was at the center of an intelligence agency coup d’état operation aimed at removing Donald Trump from the presidency.

Newly released FBI documentsmake clearthat the FBI had possession of, but never examined, two of Seth Rich’s laptops. Instead of examining the laptops in an FBI lab, the FBI turned the laptops over to CrowdStrike. The Mueller prosecutorsreliedupon a three-page “forensic report” that CrowdStrike prepared for the FBI, arguing Seth Rich was not the source who leaked the DNC emails to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential election.

The Mueller ReportblamedGuccifer 2.0…

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