KOMMONSENTSJANE – Remember the January 6 peaceful protesters!

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Where are the Constitutional rights of these people? Black Lives Matters/Antifa are still running around causing trouble. They were the troublemakers on Jan 6 and other burning/looting/killing in WA. Why aren’t they in jail? What about St. Louis and Baltimore?

It is time for these people to be released…

Freedom Watch

Help Freedom Watch Get Justice!

Dear Friend,

Please give a crucial $25, $50, $100, or more TODAY to fully fund my two critical class action lawsuits and other hard-hitting legal actions to FREE and get JUSTICE for ALL January 6 protesters!

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and New Year with your family and friends.

At this time, I can’t help but think of my client, Marine combat veteran Jesus Rivera, and the other January 6 Peaceful Protesters who’ve been thrown to the wolves.

Those held in jail – especially the hellish D.C. jail – couldn’t celebrate Christmas last year with their spouses, children, extended families, or friends. They weren’t allowed to go to Midnight Mass or sing Christmas hymns on Sunday morning at church.

If they celebrated, they did it as political prisoners who prayed and sang…while hoping that the guards wouldn’t show up and beat them again.

You and I know they’re being railroaded for just exercising their Constitutionally protected rights that day at the Capitol building.

Jesus Rivera didn’t even protest. He just shot video on his smart phone and a digital camera for a local news station back home in Florida. He entered the Capitol peacefully like many other patriots that day.

But Jesus has been sentenced to eight months in federal prison anyway.

Disabled Marine veteran Zach Rehl protested peacefully, but he’s been held without bail and the VA cut off his disability payments.

As you know, other January 6 peaceful protesters have been driven to such desperation by the abuse and torture they endure, that over 30 of them begged to get transferred to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba!

Many of these jailed patriots haven’t held or even seen their families in a year or more…some, like prisoner Peter Stager, have been jailed for over 600 days.

That’s why I beg you to stand with me at this crucial time.

I’m Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch and founder and General Counsel of Freedom Watch.

I’m a former federal prosecutor and trial lawyer who’s fought for the American people for 45 years.

You’ve seen me on cable news outlets and heard me on radio talk shows.

I’m proud to say I am the first lawyer to EVER obtain a court ruling that an American president committed a crime when I won my case against Bill Clinton.

I worked closely with Congressman Bob Barr and other impeachment managers to IMPEACH criminal Bill Clinton.

And I SUCCESSFULLY represented the victims of other Clinton scandals, like Filegate, Travelgate, IRS Gate, Chinagate, and many others.

I know what it takes to take on federal agencies, politicians, even presidents – AND WIN!

And now I’m pursuing two class action lawsuits and other important legal actions to get justice for the January 6 Protesters and take on Joe Biden’s rotten criminal regime in court.

I’m suing everyone responsible for these outrages, including FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Friend, PLEASE help me double down in my fight to GET JUSTICE FOR ALL JANUARY 6 PROTESTERS AND SET THEM FREE with your absolutely vital gift of $25, $50, $100 or even more RIGHT NOW.

Your best gift today will help me fight for these jailed patriots, bring them justice, and fight for the future of our Great Nation.

So please give what you can right away.

Thank you so much!

Larry Klayman Signature


Jan 6 was Pelosi’s/The Establishment/Dem’s imposed a colored revolution on the American people with Pelosi’s daughter and son in law photographing for future money- making. Ekaterina Blinova is a journalist who recognized that a color revolution has occurred in America uder the guise of a presidential election.


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