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An open letter to Rep. Andrew Murr
Dear Rep. Murr,

Congratulations on your successful election to serve the great state of Texas.

Recently, as you are most likely aware, there was a mass shooting in Goshen, California, which resulted in the deaths of an elderly woman, a 17-year-old mother, her 6-month-old infant, and three others. Although we do not yet have full details, some reports allege the killings were carried out by a drug cartel as “a message.”

As residents of South Texas, my wife and I feel strongly that the drug cartels require a serious message to be sent in response. We pray that the killers and their bosses will be apprehended quickly and dealt true justice in spite of the California (il)legal system.

Meanwhile, here at home, we believe that securing our nation’s border must be our first and firmest line of defense in protecting our families, our neighbors and every person’s quality of life.

To that end, we request your support in designating an initial $10 billion of the $32 billion state surplus to the completion of the border wall in its entirety on the Texas border with Mexico.

Only with the guarantees of safety and security in our homes, businesses and communities can we continue to grow and prosper as the exemplary state our nation so desperately needs.

Again, thank you for your commitment and service. May God bless you and your leadership.

Al and Renee Guin, Bandera


Yes, we must finish what was started by President Trump.


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