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Who are these people – they need to read up on the history of the U.S. If anyone receives reparations – it should be the Native American Indians.

CALEEFORNIA belonged to them – the others came on the scene – later.

This legislature as usual doesn’t know beans about the past.

Education is the road to success – not free stuff.



The Goomba Gazette

California lawmaker wants reparations proposal to be a nationwide ‘blueprint,’ beyond ‘financial compensation’

Assemblymember Reginald Jones-Sawyer said the California reparations proposal should be taken up by cities and states around the country

I tried to explain my position on reparation in very simple terms many times so even a fuckin imbecile can understand.


If one of these fools’ mothers was in jail for theft, does that make that person a thief?? If their father was in prison for rape, does that make that person a rapist?? If their brother was in jail for a murder, does that make them a killer??

If I am correct which I am, how does that make anyone responsible for what happened 250 years ago?? How about the 3,000-plus black slave owners that owned and sold hundreds of slaves, how are their families going to be penalized??

What we have here is not…

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