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This doesn’t speak highly of the Obama/Biden Admin and what they were doing to the country/people during this time.

Time to “ask Biden when he spoke out of turn” the other day and the Dem’s went bonkers — Time for a “Come to Jesus moment” and spill the beans?



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The illegitimate Biden regime, with a JB impersonator nominally in charge, is by far the most recklessly dangerous one in US history.

Ignoring the risk of nuclear war, where things are ominously heading, it’s waging war on militarily superior Russia by use of cannon fodder Ukrainian troops.

Its aim is all about strategically defeating Russia.

What it cannot achieve is ongoing anyway with the worst of catastrophic outcomes increasingly possible.

Commenting on the most perilous time in world history, Russia’s US envoy, Anatoly Antonov, said the following:

“The only thing we do is to constantly warn (hegemon USA) that its policy of ensuring strategic defeat for our country on the battlefield is rapidly leading the world to a catastrophic scenario.”

Neither he or Russia’s political or military leadership in Moscow “ever (before) spoke in such a way.”

Lunatics in charge of the Biden regime’s geopolitical agenda and their Western vassals…

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  1. Biden’s visit with Mexico’s prez was part of this regional boundary (North American Region) of Mexico, U.S. and Canada. All part of the New World/One World Order. Leaving the border open destroys boundaries. This is why Biden is allowing illegals to cross basically at will, with just a little resistance in HIS attempt to keep it hidden (as we are to stupid to figure out what he is doing). Also the WHO is preparing a treaty like agreement (that Biden will sign or have one of his reps sign) that during a pandemic WHO is no longer an advisory organization but the ruler of all the REGIONS (of which there are to be ten). It is all part of the New World (One World) government. They want to destroy/eliminate the nation’s of the world’s boundaries (sovereignty) and set up the 10 regions. Biden’s policy of leaving our borders open (especially the southern border) is purposeful; allow illegals through at will to destroy our border, our sovereignty, no boundary (except the regional). The Biden puppet was perfect for this achievement, he is dumb enough to follow, and mentally lost to cave in to any pressure against him. He doesn’t care. Oh, and Bill Gates is heavily linked to WHO as you know.


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