KOMMONSENTSJANE – EXCLUSIVE: Biden Held ‘Stolen’ Classified Docs at His Delaware Home AND the Secret Service Kept No Records of Visitors While They Were There — The Gateway Pundit

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Dereliction of duty by Biden/National Archives is a crime. Plain and simple! The time since the files were taken – 2017 – and they made no effort to retrieve them BECAUSE the achieves had no info about them. And, yet, they were so interested in President Trump’s files by glamorizing the raid on his home.

Let’s see how much “lipstick” they put on this Biden pig?


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This is truly frightening.

We know the Biden family committed unsavory actions. These facts surrounding the Biden family hiding top secret documents at their house in Deleware are very concerning and a danger to the country’s national security.

Attorney Mike Davis explained on Steve Bannon’s War Room that these documents at his home were stolen by Joe when he left office in 2017.

Steve Bannan asked Davis to clarify the word “stole”. He noted that no one has ever “accused President Trump of stealing records.”

Davis replied:

The former Vice President Joe Biden did not have these same privileges as Vice President as President’s do. Vice Presidents, like anyone else, cannot take government records. They can’t take Vice Presidential records when they leave office and they certainly can’t take classified records.

The President can take Presidential records when he leaves office, whether they’re classified or not. No one else can…

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