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Strange this wasn’t reported by the media? My guess – he is a Democrat.

No brain? Stayed and watched it burn?


News from a Christian world view.

Terrorist Charged After Destroying Electrical Grid In Las Vegas

By Eric Thompson

Published on 4 hours ago

The Biden administration has gone all in for the green new deal, launching recently into overdrive mode by allocating $100Bs in spending trying to force the US to stop using energy produced with fossil fuels.

What is being overlooked by many is the significant impact this will have on the planet, especially when it comes to making the batteries for electric cars, etc.

A radical environmentalist named Mohammad Mesmarian is facing charges of terrorism after law enforcement captured him after he rammed his car into a solar energy plant in Las Vegas and set his vehicle on fire disabling the facility Tuesday.

The attack on Las Vegas’ electrical infrastructure took place at the Invenergy solar plant north of U.S. Route 93 near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway according to KLAS-TV.

The 34-year-old Mesmarian plowed his vehicle through the perimeter fence after employees had already left for the day according to police but waited until approximately midnight before he finally set the car on fire, the local outlet reported citing law enforcement documents.

The car used in the attack was reportedly a Toyota Camry registered in Idaho, according to The Street.

According to investigators, Mesmarian pulled up a chair and sat for about fifteen minutes to watch the vehicle and adjacent equipment burn before walking away.

KLAS-TV also revealed that police believe Mesmarian siphoned gasoline from the car and poured it on wires at the transformer.

Responding officers located the remains of an iPhone connected to Mesmarian in the car along with two laptop computers.

Las Vegas Metro Police tracked the suspect to a campground located near Lake Mead near Boulder City approximately 30 miles from the scene of the attack.

“Mesmarian clarified he burned the Toyota Camry a couple of days ago,” police told KLAS-TV.

“Mesmarian said he burned the vehicle at a Tesla solar plant and did it ‘for the future.’”

Police noted numerous recent attacks on power infrastructure in recent months.

An Invenergy spokesman told the outlet, “Following an incident at the Mega Solar Array facility, on-site personnel immediately notified authorities and shut down the plant’s operations as a precaution in accordance with industry-standard safety protocols.”

Mesmarian faces charges of committing an act of terrorism, arson, destroying or injuring real or personal property of another, and escape by a felony prisoner.

An employee at the plant said the fire caused “major damage,” estimating it would take two years to receive replacement parts, police said.

The damaged unit remained shut down due to the fire and the plant was not producing electricity, police said.

Court officials said Mesmarian was disruptive before his first court appearance Friday. He did not appear for the hearing.

Judge Danial Westmeyer denied bail.


Sounds like he could even be a danger to himself?


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