KOMMONSENTSJANE – A Case Of Hope Over Experience: The J6 Referral Falls Short Of A Credible Criminal Case

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Now let’s hear the Republican’s side and call Epp’s up for the truth which was with held.

This is the guy who has all of the answers and they didn’t even “ring him up?”


Again – this is the guy who has all of the answers and they didn’t even “ring him up?”

Liars/liars pants on fire!


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https://www.zerohedge.com, by Jonathan Turley

However, the Committee’s splashy finale lacked any substantial new evidence to make a compelling criminal case against former President Donald Trump. The Committee repackaged largely the same evidence that it has previously put forward over the past year.

That is not enough.

Indeed, the reliance on a new videotape of former Trump aide Hope Hicks seems a case of putting “hope over experience” in the criminal Justice system.

While still based largely on the failure to act,Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Cal.) insisted that “if that’s not criminal, nothing is.”The opposite may be true from a First Amendment perspective. If the failure to act is criminal, it is hard to see what would not criminal under this standard.

After members like Schiff, again, promised new evidence to support criminal charges, the Committee continued its pattern of rehashing previously known evidence with network-quality…

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