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The joke is on Pelosi!


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The joke is – now her income tax papers can be released in the future. The fact is that we all have to have our taxes done by “experts” since they are so complicated. Therefore, who would be able to decipher Trump’s taxes – very few people – experts.

Besides – who cares about his tax papers?


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The corrupt Democrats in the House just destroyed President Trump’s right to privacy and released President Trump’s tax returns moments ago. Unfortunately, they failed again in their goal and only proved their contempt for the US Constitution.

What a disgusting pack of jackals the Pelosi gang is. They have no regard for the law, the US Constitution, or decency.

Moments ago the Dems released President Trump’s taxes to their media.

CNN, the Democrats’ favorite news source, shared the news:

Six years ofDonald Trump’s federal tax returnsreleased on Friday show the former president paid very little in federal income taxes the first and last year of his presidency, claiming huge losses that helped limit his tax bill.

The returns, long shrouded in secrecy, were released to thepublic on Fridayby the House Ways and Means Committee, the culmination of abattle over their disclosurethat went to…

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