Did they commit a crime with everything they did to him and the country?

They consider themselves adults – HAD SAD!

Just think all of the money these two have wasted. I considered them traitors against the Constitution and should go to prison.



Schumer, Pelosi Brag About Setting Up Trump

For a democratic government to be successful, there must be a level of bipartisan cooperation. While a two-party system will experience differences in ideology, they should work diligently to find common ground for the benefit of the people who elect them.

That’s the way it’s been in the United States for most of its historic existence. However, gradually that sense of responsibility to the American people has eroded. Washington, D.C., is wrought with political scum.

It’s about pushing a radical agenda, not cooperation. Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty. Nevertheless, the progressive left has taken political partisanship to a new level. Democrats refuse to seek common ground on anything that blocks their ultimate goal.

The progressive left of the Democrat Party wants to scrap most or all of the U.S. Constitution and reshape America into a model of Chinese socialism. It’s been their plan for decades. They want the U.S. to blend in with a global world order.

The scheme started when Americans were tricked into voting for Barack Obama. Every policy of his administration did nothing but undermine American democracy. The fall into socialism might have been complete if not for one man.

Democrats thought they had a guarantee to keep the White House for eight more years after Obama. Most progressives believed Hillary Clinton would ascend to the throne. American democracy would have crumbled under her leadership. But it didn’t happen.

Donald Trump saw what was happening to the nation. He’d had enough. When Donald Trump decided to become a presidential candidate, things started to change. After he won the Republican nomination for president, the left grew exceedingly nervous.

However, they still thought they had the 2016 presidential race in the bag. It wasn’t. When they realized that Donald Trump was a formidable foe, they concocted a scheme to take him out. Using the powers of the federal government, Democrats masterminded the Russia collusion hoax.

But it failed to stop candidate Trump from becoming the 45th President of the United States. Now, Democrats have lost their minds. This man was a threat to their push for a new global world order, one where liberals would seize control of the federal government and never lose it.

The progressive left had to keep pounding on the now elected President Trump. Some believe the liberal left may have had something to do with the deadly pandemic that swept the country. If not directly involved, they conveniently used it to attack the president.

Then, ahead of the 2020 election, Democrats realized their grip on radical global change was falling apart. They could not allow President Trump to secure another four-year term. They had to stop him. Enter the “big steal.”

Through various underhanded tactics, the progressive left managed to steal the 2020 presidential election. They ran a spineless puppet who hid in his basement during the campaign. The left orchestrated a scheme with big tech to manipulate information ahead of Election Day.

In the end, Democrats used various schemes to knock President Trump from the White House. But he remained exceedingly popular. Democrats knew that the former president wouldn’t just roll over without a fight. He would come back.

The left needs to destroy him once and for all. So, through the help of federal law enforcement, they saw their opportunity. Democrats used an otherwise peaceful protest to create a chaotic event on Capitol Hill. On January 6, 2021, liberal operatives helped trigger a riot.

Both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were in on the scheme. They had something new to blame on President Trump, despite evidence he tried to help keep the peace. These two crooks had been at President Trump’s throat for over five years.

Pelosi and Schumer helped orchestrate every one of these schemes to destroy one of America’s most successful presidencies. Twice, Pelosi tried to falsely impeach President Trump. Schumer worked to divert Senate attention away from federal agencies.

Pelosi and Schumer recently sat down to dinner with CNN’s Jamie Gangel. The trio ate at D.C.’s swanky Chinese restaurant, Hunan Dynasty. This was an appropriate venue for this tryst with a socialist cabal. Gangel wanted to know what it was like dealing with President Trump.

Schumer sarcastically chuckled, “We had a good time.” We bet they did. Crazy Nancy chimed in with a subtle smirk on her wrinkled face, “We sort of set him up, instinctively.” Schumer referenced the first government shutdown under Trump’s watch, saying “We didn’t plan this.”

Pelosi went on to praise her colleague from the upper chamber, saying, “Chuck was masterful,” “He was masterful.” These two are the epitome of the Washington, D.C., swamp. They are corrupt to their core. President Trump was a threat to the D.C. establishment. He still is.

This pair of radical, far-left lunatics tried to paint the interview as a plea for bipartisanship. It wasn’t, but it was very revealing. Americans, if they didn’t already suspect it, should be well aware of how divisive and destruction Democrats are. Pelosi and Schumer are the ringleaders.


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