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The truth – it was the Dem’s “Brown/Black Revolution.


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What happened Jan. 6, 2021 on Capitol Hill was an undemocratic Dem-orchestrated anti-Trump false flag frame-up.

Its intent was to demonize him for fake reasons, ignoring legitimate ones.

The fake insurrection came weeks after Dems stole Election 2020 by brazen fraud — usurping power, not winning it legitimately.

On Thursday, a deeply corrupted, Dem-controlled House Committee released an 800-page+ fake news report of bad fiction — falsely blaming Trump for what he had nothing to do with.

During his 4 years as president, there was major wrongdoing to hold him accountable for, including flagrant international and constitutional law breaches — ones never raised against him.

Not a shred of credible evidence suggests his involvement with Jan. 6, 2021 events on Capitol Hill.

After two attempts to impeach him for illegitimate reasons failed, falsely blaming him for a nonexistent Capitol Hill insurrection followed.

Yet according to NYT trash, DJT carried out…

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