KOMMONSENTSJANE – Ukrainian President Zelensky’s Wife Goes to Paris and Begs for Money and Goods Then Reportedly Goes on 40000 Euro Shopping Spree — The Gateway Pundit

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We are being used to help fund a war which is being used to bring us to our knees – borrowing money to give to Ukraine.



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President Zelensky’s wife was in Paris the past few days asking for more money and support for Ukraine to make it through the winter. She also stopped off at some shops to pick up some things for herself.

Ukraine is in a horrible war with Russia at the moment. It’s costing lives and destroying the county. This county was in the middle of the war between Germany and Russia during World War II, then was under Soviet control until the early 1990’s when the ‘Iron Curtain’ fell.

The county has been the focus of many political actors and allegations of corruption for many years. George Soros, Hillary Clinton, the Podestas, Nancy Pelosi, and the Bidens have all had connections to Ukraine for years.

Joe Biden’s son made millions after being placed on the Board of Burisma, an oil and gas company, even though he had no skillset in the field.

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