Herschel Walker’s Message For Barack Obama Is Going Viral
Story by Andrew Holleran • 1h ago

It’s safe to say that Herschel Walker is not a fan of former U.S. president Barack Obama.


Obama, who has spoken out against Walker and his run for U.S. Senate out of Georgia, is taking some heat from the former college football star.

Walker made it clear that he has a problem with Obama.

“Well what’s sad is they’re always trying to mislead people,” Walker said of Obama. “Why don’t they tell the whole story? The whole story is the story involved people having faith, having faith and continuing to go out and do your job, having faith to get things done. So they don’t tell you the whole story.”

Obama had previously joked about Walker’s comment on werewolves vs. vampires.

“This is a debate that I must confess I once had myself. When I was seven. Then I grew up,” Obama said regarding Walker’s viral comments.


Would Jesus vote for Warnock since Obama is Warnock’s handler?

If I could vote – Warnock would not get my vote because he is like Obama – a vampire.



Why does Obama kill babies (INFANTICIDE) and drink their blood?

Nurse says Obama supports infanticide.

Barack Obama, presidential candidate
Washington DC, Feb 16, 2008 / 05:35 am (CNA).- A pro-life nurse is seconding a statement made by Alan Keyes that Jesus Christ would not vote for Barack Obama, pointing to his support for infanticide.

Jill Stanek is a nurse who discovered babies were being aborted alive and shelved to die in soiled utility rooms while working at a hospital in Illinois and since has been a strong advocate against partial-birth and live-birth abortions.

According to her commentary on WorldNetDaily.com, Stanek explains why Keyes made his statement.

At the federal level, legislation was presented called the Born Alive Infants Protection Act (BAIPA) which stated all live-born babies were guaranteed the same constitutional right to equal protection, whether or not they were wanted.

BAIPA sailed through the U.S. Senate by unanimous vote and by an overwhelming majority in the House. President Bush signed the bill into law in 2002.

Stanek wrote that, “in Illinois, the state version of BAIPA repeatedly failed, thanks in large part to then-state Sen. Barack Obama. It only passed in 2005, after Obama left.”

“Obama articulately worried that legislation protecting live aborted babies might infringe on women’s rights or abortionists’ rights. Obama’s clinical discourse, his lack of mercy, shocked me. I was naive back then. Obama voted against the measure, twice. It ultimately failed.”

“So, the reason Keyes said Jesus Christ wouldn’t vote for Barack Obama was because of Obama’s fanatical support of abortion to the point of condoning infanticide.”

In a recent USA Today opinion piece, Obama admitted being “nagged” by the Jesus-wouldn’t-vote-for-him statement, but only because he wished he’d given a different comeback.

Obama’s initial response, as stated in USA Today was “that we live in a pluralistic society, and that I can’t impose my religious views on another.” He added that he was running to be the U.S. senator of Illinois, and not a minister.

Stanek summarized Obama’s second response saying that “Obama insinuated opposition to abortion is based only on religion, lecturing pro-lifers like me to ‘explain why abortion violates some principle that is accessible to people of all faiths, including those with no faith at all.’”

“I don’t recall mentioning religion when I testified against live-birth abortion. I only recall describing a live aborted baby I held in a hospital soiled utility room until he died, and a live aborted baby who was accidentally thrown into the trash,” she told WorldNetDaily.

Yet, Stanek pointed out that religion was never part of the abortion ban debate. “I recall comparisons made to U.S. laws ensuring animals being killed are treated humanely. I recall testimony that late-term babies feel excruciating pain while being aborted.”

Stanek concluded by asking Obama, why do “you think Jesus should vote for you?”


Message for Obama:

Werewolves vs. Vampires (Differences & Who Would Win?)
January 26, 2022
Although both the vampires and werewolves are legendary creatures known to kill or hunt humans to suck human blood, there are several significant differences.

While vampires are soulless creatures (Obama/Warnock) powered by their blood magic and immortal being, werewolves are mortal beings who age and die just like ordinary human beings.

(So if Obama is saying that Walker is a werewolf – JUST AN ORDINARY HUMAN BEING. AND WARNOCK IS A VAMPIRE?)

It is easy to kill Werewolves mainly using silver weapons such as a silver bullet or silver blade.

Contrary, vampires are not easily killed by weapons as they are already dead SOULLESS creatures.

However, vampires will explode into flames when exposed to sunlight, while garlic may result in skin discomfort.

Most of their time, werewolves are in their human form, and their diet is quite similar to that of ordinary humans, while vampires depend on drinking fresh human blood for their survival.


That is why Democrats like abortions – lots of blood available.


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