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A refresher course for all Americans. The Dem’s dominoes are starting to fall in the Congress as we can see – starting with Pelosi/Hoyer/Clyburn who have their pockets full of the taxpayer’s money and are now skadoodling out of town.

Hate always wins because the Dem’s minds were so full of it for Trump/American people – they couldn’t think straight. And, that is the moral to the story.


August 2, 2022
Democrats Are Learning That Hating Trump Is Not The Same As Governing
By Jeff M. Lewis

From the time Donald and Melania Trump descended the escalator to announce his candidacy for President of the United States, there has been little other than a torrent of hate directed at him, his family, and all who support him. We have endured the past several years being required to account for how we could support such a man.

For me, it was simple. My support for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020 (clearly explained to family and friends) came down to the three pillars of American exceptionalism and success: the Constitution, national security, and the economy.

We need not look very far to see just how horribly elected Democrats have done on all three.

Donald J. Trump and the MAGA movement remain a threat to the Democrats, and it’s their fault. They have governed over the past 14 years against the prevailing will of the people, by hook or by crook. They have fully employed every branch of government and every government agency against the American people at every opportunity. Their cancerous quest for power knows no bounds.

On the Constitution, those who have been paying attention can clearly see that America has a two-tiered justice system. If one supports Democrats and their pet causes, there will be little accountability, and there will be no mention of one’s bad behavior in the press. However, if one is seen as a political opponent of the Democrat party, it’s off to the gulag. Conservatives and MAGA supporters know well the plight of the January 6 detainees: cruel and unusual solitary confinement, lack of due process and representation, and ruinous consequences for exercising their constitutional rights.

Furthermore, no American who supports the Constitution and has taken an oath to support and defend it can, at the same time, be in favor of “packing the court.” This will forever alter American jurisprudence in a way that will deny citizens their right to redress their grievances against the government. To do this would forever prevent any opposition from arguing the unconstitutionality of any law the legislative branch passed. The courts would be nothing more than a rubber stamp for the legislature and the executive branch, and no longer an independent check on their powers.

On national security, international law known as the Nuremberg Code prevents medical experimentation on humans. An unconscionable breach of legal precedent has resulted in military service members being required to get the COVID vaccines. The vaccines are experimental, don’t prevent infection, and have serious negative side effects. One need not have only religious objections to the vaccine; there are plenty of additional reasons for concern. Amazingly, the current regime would rather weaken our military readiness with their purge than allow an international legal precedent to stand and allow service members to make their own decisions about the shot. Military readiness has and will continue to suffer, as we are now learning that military recruiting goals are falling short.

In addition, one cannot consider our national security and the security of citizens in communities across America without a review of the crises at our southern border. The Biden Crime Family has enriched and empowered Mexican drug cartels. The open border has resulted in a deeper, more entrenched oppression of illegal immigrants, and it has wrought not only their carnage and deaths along their perilous trek to America but the drugs flood across the border, as well. Deadly Fentanyl overdoses are killing scores of American citizens every day.

The economy is in recession, and no amount of spin or re-defining what actually constitutes a recession can change the data. Most maddening, it was all predictable—and predicted. Since last year, economists have warned that unrestrained government spending would increase inflation. When combined with the Doomsday regime’s promised attack on the U.S. petroleum industry and the concomitant rise in gas prices, a weakened dollar combines with the high cost of producing and delivering goods and services to weaken every American family’s financial outlook.

Democrat party governance is to raise taxes, spend billions on IRS enforcement, ignore the low workforce participation rate (still far below pre-pandemic levels), and gaslight Americans that we have a strong labor market because unemployment is low, which negates all the rest of the compounding negative data.

Democrats: It’s your fault that Donald Trump is the force he is because every time you speak you insult us with your lies, and we are tired of it.

America was stronger and was on the rise when Donald Trump was President. An objective examination of every metric as it relates to those three essential pillars—the Constitution, national security, and the economy—provides irrefutable evidence of Democrat malpractice, malfeasance, an inexcusable breach of trust, and a violation of their oath of office that has weakened America.

Therefore, let’s reflect on this quote of the year, by Dan Gelernter in an article for American Greatness:

The Democrats are in the same trouble they get into every time they’re running the country: People hate their policies so much that the only recourse is to pretend they’re not actually in charge.

Evidenced by their quest for unrestrained power and their disdain for having to earn Americans’ votes, the Democrats’ only play under the shadow of the wreckage they have caused is to attempt to eliminate the opposition. They cannot compete in the arena of ideas, and they have no results to stand on. From the time the Democrat Party held their federal legislative majority in 2009, they have governed against the will of the people. They use the deep state for their own nefarious purposes, and recoil at the notion they must be held accountable.

America is languishing in a cold civil war. During America’s Civil War of the 1860s, President Abraham Lincoln and the Union gained victories under General Ulysses Grant. Lincoln said to Grant’s critics, “He fights.” During World War II, General George Patton was successful, and the Nazis feared him. As distasteful as his speech, his habits, or his actions may have been, he scared the hell out of America’s enemies, and he never wavered from the relentless pursuit of victory.

With the current civil war underway, America needs a fighter in the Oval Office. Donald Trump is that fighter, which is why he is such a threat to the Democrats.

Democrats: Again, it’s your fault that Donald Trump is the force he is, and it is your fault there is a need for such a man as Donald Trump to fight back against your corrupt governance, disdain for our Constitutional rights, corrupt state-controlled propaganda media cohorts, and the disaster you have wrought since you stole your way into power.

There are those who hate America and want to tear it down, and there are those, like Donald Trump (and us), who know that America is the last, greatest hope for humanity. A rising tide of American success will “lift all boats.” It is the Democrats’ fault that Donald Trump is such an electoral threat; their continued persecution, their J6 Committee, and the deep state which supports it all have only solidified his support.

The Democrats’ hate for Donald Trump is not congruent with governing. They did not support Donald Trump, they had nothing to do with his success, and therefore they cannot destroy his support or wrest it from him.

I am reminded of a warning, provided in the original Star Wars movie by Obi-wan Kenobi: “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can imagine.”

Friends! Patriots! Rise, and gear up. Be lovers of your Freedom, and anxious to defend it.

Jeff M. Lewis is a Christian, a husband and father, a Veteran, and a small business owner who resides with his family in South Texas.


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