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When you vote on 12/6 vote to SAVE AMERICA BY VOTING FOR WALKER.

Walker’s special word medication while serving will cure – white corruption/racism/Bible thumping bigots.


We don’t need Biden – he needs us. He IS A FAKE PRESIDENT.


Yep, his first priority is to again try to get something that was too radical to get through Congress over the last two years and make that a focus of burning what little political capital he has on the Hill. Not inflation, not the energy crisis, not national security, not securing the border, and not cracking down on violent crime.

Biden’s decision to announce the priority three weeks before the midterms is another example of his inability to understand or relate to what the American people are experiencing and where their priorities lie. By an overwhelming margin, the economy is the number one issue on their minds as they head to the polls in the midterms, but Biden doesn’t have anything to offer there aside from his empty promises about “build back better” and claims that the Inflation Reduction Act will do anything close to what its name implies — but it won’t.

Instead, Biden still thinks abortion is a winning issue for his party’s candidates — even though it isn’t a driving factor for voters, barely hanging on in the top five issues in recent polls.

The country is still working to clear the deck of fraud in the mid-term elections (PA/AZ/CO). The /Dem’s were not successful in the House and lost the majority. Let’s keep them honest in this next election by electing Walker to the Senate.

Warnock is a radical left/communist.

Let’s show the left what we can do – even though they cheat.

Obama Stumps For Democrat Candidate – this man, OBAMA) is the problem and is helping Biden by putting our country in the state we are now in – high inflation – food/gas prices/open border and everything else that is wrong.

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Even with their majority in the Senate secure, Democrats are deploying their biggest gun to Georgia ahead of the December 6 Senate runoff election between Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker in hopes that they can secure the 51 seats necessary to gain the majority of seats on Senate committees.

In a 50/50 Senate, committees are evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, making it easier to block legislation or nominees in committees.

But with 51 seats, the Democrats would hold the majority of seats on each Senate committee, likely clearing the way for President Biden’s radical left judicial nominees to get confirmed.

To that end, it was reported this week that former President Barack Obama will be returning to Georgia once again on December 1 to help push Warnock over the finish line.

Obama’s return trip is scheduled on the eve of the final day of early in-person voting, which has proven critical to Democrats in recent elections.

While Warnock led Walker by around 36,000 votes in the November 8 Midterms, since neither candidate received over 50 percent of the vote, the runoff election was triggered.

Warnock, as well as other Democrats throughout the country, relied heavily on Barack Obama to campaign for them during the 2022 election cycle. With President Biden such an unpopular president, the Democrats needed a heavy hitter to replace Biden on the campaign trail.

And since Biden’s approval rating in Georgia is so far underwater that his feet are touching bottom Obama was the logical choice to step into the breach since he remains wildly popular among Democrat voters.

So far, Barack Obama is the only big-name Democrat politician to campaign for Warnock during the runoff.

Earlier this week, Vice President Kamala Harris dodged after a reporter asked her if she planned to go to Georgia to support Warnock, saying she hadn’t made “any decision yet.”


On December 8 – vote for AMERICA/WALKER NOT OBAMA/CRAZY JOE. A vote for the WARNOCK candidate is not a vote for AMERICA.


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