Obama and Biden were trolling the American people with the stoking that it was the Republicans who were pulling the “GET RID OF DEMOCRACY” band wagon so the two of them could institute SOCIALISM OR WORSE. Didn’t Obama/Biden say the Constitution was OLD? Both Obama/Biden are now BOTH IN THE OLD FOLKS CATEGORY and it is time to PUT THEM OUT TO PASTURE and let President Trump finish what he started and that is to put the CONSTITUTION back on the table because the Democrats have set it aside at the present time.

A good example is our Military where Obama/Biden turned the generals into a WOKE state. Time to rearrange the deck chairs and bring in some fresh minds who bring the Constitution to the table

Time to fumigate the GOVERNMENT IN TOTAL. Obama/Biden turned the tables on the American people during their time and it is now time to reverse that. Remember both of them are working with Soros/One World Order/ other world leaders. The Constitution was stolen from us by these two dudes with outside help.

Plain and simple – the two of them are only interested in filling their pockets with money/dictatorship. Obama continues to whine while living high on the hog on the People’s money.

Still need to check out the mid-term elections – too much hanky-pankie going on.

What accomplishments – take a look at the debt clock and what he did for us.



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