KOMMONSENTSJANE – Maybe Michelle Obama was the one who was prejudiced all along?

This women and here husband are so sensitive about every thing. They have received so much in their lifetime and given so little in “THANKS GIVING.” Shame on them. They are living high on the hog while Americans are suffering with high inflation- food/gas/just daily living all caused by Democrats and she shimmy shakes about “braids.”

It is the same old story – these people never will be satisfied with their “lot” in life – even at the highest level. She is dismissed.


Washington Examiner


Maybe Michelle Obama was the one who was prejudiced all along?
Opinion by Christopher Tremoglie

Former first lady Michelle Obama made the ridiculous claim last week that she always wanted to wear braids in the White House but didn’t because she thought the country would not accept it. This nonsensical claim reveals more about the former first lady’s prejudices about white people than the reality of the situation.

Maybe Michelle Obama was the one who was prejudiced all along?

Obama commented on her previous hairstyles while on a book tour to promote her latest novel, The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times. She never wore braids because she wanted the focus to be on her husband’s political goals instead of her hair. That is why she always wore her hair straight. She claimed “Americans weren’t ready” for her to have braids.

Oh really? According to whom? There’s no proof of this, and it’s absurd even to make this assertion. It exemplifies the ludicrous bubble of prejudice the Left truly live in. They have very little faith in their countrymen. Let’s not forget that most of the country’s voting population voted a black family into the White House twice.

Barack Obama won two presidential elections with relative ease. He received 52.9% of the votes in 2008, the highest percentage a candidate received since 1988 and the fifth highest since 1960. He received more votes than any other presidential candidate in history in 2008 (at the time). While she may try to blame the country’s lack of tolerance, in reality, it was Michelle’s feelings about white people that caused this reluctance.

The true story – they just don’t like people in general.


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4 Responses to KOMMONSENTSJANE – Maybe Michelle Obama was the one who was prejudiced all along?

  1. While Obama is a hater and incompetent in his own right, it was Michele who introduced him to Reverend Jeremiah Wright. While it is Obama who is half white, lived overseas, grew up Muslim, and lived a life quite different from the average black American, Michele has been instilled with the same hatred that so many blacks feel against whites, whether based on reality or not. It’s funny how the Obamas like to vacation with rich white people, like Richard Branson, while deliberately keeping racism alive and well in America.


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