The states who do not meet the voting deadline requirements should be fined HEAVILY for their incompetence and new people put in their place. Other states, CA/ALASKA, ETC. – ditto!

Their excuses are reason for fraud, in my opinion.


Arizona county delays certification of election results in ‘political statement’
Story by Chris Pandolfo


The Board of Supervisors in Mohave County, Arizona moved to delay certification of the midterm election results on Monday in protest of voting issues in Maricopa County, becoming the second county to do so.

Arizona: Mohave County delays certification of election results

In a split vote, board members decided to wait until the Nov. 28 deadline to certify the election results as a “political statement” of “solidarity” with those upset with the voting machine issues that plagued Maricopa County, the state’s most populous county. The move comes as Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright sent a letter Saturday to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office demanding explanations for issues with ballot-on-demand printers in at least 60 voting locations.

Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs was elected governor and Sen. Mark Kelly, D-Ariz., was re-elected to a full six-year term in office in the midterm election, when nearly 2.6 million Arizonans voted. However, Hobbs’ Republican opponent, Kari Lake, has refused to concede the race, claiming her supporters were disenfranchised by the Election Day issues.

Maricopa County reported problems at about 30% of its vote centers on Nov. 8, when tabulators were unable to read some ballots.

A voter casts their ballot at a secure ballot drop box at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center in Phoenix, Nov. 1, 2022. AP Photo/Matt York, File

Election officials have said all the ballots were counted and that no one lost their ability to vote. Voters who experienced issues with the tabulators were told to place their ballots in a secure box, which were transported to the county elections headquarters and tabulated by machines in working order.

However, the state attorney general’s office demanded explanations in a Nov. 19 letter, stating there were “first-hand witness accounts” that raised concerns over whether Maricopa County complied with state election law.

“Arizonans deserve a full report and accounting of the myriad problems that occurred in relation to Maricopa County’s administration of the 2022 General Election,” Wright wrote.


Need heavier prison sentences when people are caught cheating.


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