Over $22 million from Uvalde Together We Rise Fund to be dispersed Monday
by SBG San Antonio Staff ReportsMonday, November 14th 2022

UVALDE, Texas – Six months after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School that took the lives of 19 students and two teachers, funds are set to be distributed to help those still dealing with the pain of that fateful day back in May.

The Uvalde Together We Rise Fund announced on Monday that $22,300,673.80 has been donated to directly support the survivors as well as honor the memories of those killed in that horrific mass shooting.

“Our community experienced significant loss and trauma on May 24th, but— together with people from around the country and around the globe — we came together with incredible acts of generosity and compassion,” said Steering Committee Chair Mickey Gerdes.

According to the Final Protocol, the funds will be distributed along the following categories of eligibility:

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Legal heirs of those who were killed as a direct result of the shooting
Those who were physically injured
Those who were present in the designated area at the time of the Shooting, but not
physically injured.
The committee’s approved distribution plan says that it will disburse funds to 448 validated applicants who were traumatized, injured, or are surviving family members of the 21 people killed during the attack.

“We have simply been stewards of these funds committed to honoring the intent of more than 13,000 gracious donors to help those directly impacted by this tragedy,” added Gerdes. “Although these donations could never make the survivors whole, we are hopeful these donations provide the recipients with some comfort knowing that there are many people who wanted to give something to help them in whatever way possible.”

The total funds include donations collected by the following groups:

VictimsFirst $7,600,048
OneStar Foundation $7,186,786
Robb School Memorial Fund $3,505,622
San Antonio Area Foundation $1,743,520
Community Foundation of the TX Hill Country $1,131,300
Texas Bankers Association $360,000
TXN Bank $156,918


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