Calling all of you professed believers who are involved in President Trump’s persecution, i.e., Pence/ Biden/Pelosi/et al:

Just Wondering – If God punishes all of these people who continue to persecute President Trump?

Tough one. I find myself wondering if I’d really want them to be avenged. I mean, yeah, they continue to hurt him, but I don’t know what good would come of them getting what they “deserve.”.

On a similar note, if someone hurts you, instead of God getting them back for you, God may use that hurt to make you a better person. So, instead of you being squared away by revenge, in return for your suffering, you get somethine positive.

Just the first thought that popped into my head.


Give us a man of God’s own mould Born to marshall his fellow-men;
One whose fame is not bought and sold At the stroke of a politician’s pen. Give us the man of thousands ten, Fit to do as well as to plan; Give us a rallying-cry, and then Donald Trump, gave us a Man.


Valiant News

November 12, 2022

MTG: ‘Lazy, Pathetic, Wimpy’ To Blame Trump for Limited Midterms Gains, ‘It Needs to End’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene took to the defense of 45th President Donald Trump after winning reelection, pushing back against those who claim Trump kept the Republican victories from reaching their full potential.

During an appearance on Real America’s Voice today, Greene offered harsh words for those who cast blame on Trump for the GOP’s failure to produce a “red wave” this election cycle.

“Now, they’re trying to blame President Trump today and I want to tell you how short sighted and ridiculous that is. It is pathetic. The people that are running out saying, ‘it’s Trump’s fault,’ no. That is a lazy, pathetic, wimpy, easy mindset,” Greene said.

“They just want one thing and then they want to carry on without doing the hard work, the real changes in the Republican Party, and the way we fight the fight.”

Greene went on to explain that President Trump has been “political persecuted” since the events of January 6, led dozens of rallies in support of Republican candidates, given hundreds of endorsements, held multiple fundraisers, and has raised over $350 million dollars on behalf of Republicans ahead of the midterm elections.

“Trump has been politically persecuted for the past few years now ever since January 6. He went out did 30 ‘Save America’ rallies all over the country.”

She continued, “He endorsed something like 285 candidates. He held over 50 fundraisers, helped raise over $350 million for all these Republican PAC organizations.”

“President Trump isn’t the problem. President Trump is doing everything he can to help Republicans across this country and help Republicans win while he is being politically persecuted worse than any human being in our country’s history. That’s the real truth.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene attends AmericaFest in 2021 (Gage Skidmore / Flickr)
“People that want to blame Trump, they are lazy and that’s the problem. We have to do the real work, fix our issues in our party, to fix issues in our state elections and all over the country,” Greene said.

“We have to wrap up those issues instead of blaming one man. So, I’m not going to have that today. It needs to end and I’m sick and tired of it. We have to figure out how to come together and work this party,” Greene added.

Despite becoming a lightning rod for political attacks from Democrats, their allies in the media, and even Republican leadership, Greene was reelected to her seat in the U.S. House on Tuesday night in a landslide victory, defeating her Democratic challenger Marcus Flowers by over 31 points.

While Greene serves a very conservative district in Georgia, many Democrats were convinced their candidate, Flowers, would be competitive in the race due to Greene’s sometimes divisive national profile.

Flowers’ raised over $15 million, making his campaign the sixth-highest fundraiser among all congressional candidates in the 2022 midterm election cycle.

This news and commentary by Andrew White.



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